Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Day of Freedom?

Tomorrow, the writing starts anew.  I'm both excited and slightly terrified, just as I normally am at this time.  I plan on doing some cruise ship research sometime today but other than that, I'm as ready as I normally am.  As always, I'm sure getting started will be the hardest part.

Tonight, I'll be stocking up on writing food and possibly throwing back a couple writing beers.

In other news, I'm entering this contest: Missouri Conservationist 75th Anniversary Photo Contest


  1. Good luck with the new book, the whole thing sounds a little scary - don't forget to eat and sleep.

    All the best for the photograpy contest too - that last batch is certainly a must - fantastic shots.
    Take care and all power to the pen.
    See you in a month.

  2. Good luck with the new book! You can do it!

  3. I want to throw back some writing beers. But it's midweek, and I don't do that till Fridays :P

  4. I passed on the writing beers. It's not usually a good idea during the week. Unless it's something really good that's 30% off.

  5. Hey Dan, first time visitor. Great to meet you! Enjoy those beers and good luck with your writing. And just what is writing food? I imagine its something that doesn't require eating utensils.

  6. Thanks, Stephen. Writing food is stuff that takes little to no prep, like frozen pizza, ramen noodles, and granola bars.