Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNoWriMo 2011 - Day 16 Report

I wasn't feeling it today at work and didn't think I was going to get any writing done at all this evening.  Then, there was an incident when I got home.

Belle and I were walking down the road when a pitbull-shaped missile came running out of a yard after us at top speed. I picked up Belle with my left arm and picked up the biggest rock I could find with my right.  I don't remember consciously being scared after the first moment I saw the dog charging us.  I was too pissed off after that.  What really made me mad was how nonchallant the prick whose dog it was acted when he was coming to get it.  He may have been a little scared of me since I was yelling "Come get this mother fucker, you asshole!" at the time.

Eventually he came and got the dog.  I felt a little satisfaction when he came to my door to apologize a little later and turned around without speaking when he saw the look on my face.  Anyway, I was really in the mood to write about people getting shot in the face after that.

Day #: 16
Words Written Today: 2,409
Total Words Written: 58,544
Drive: let's wrap this shit up
Beard Status:  ready to say goodbye

Estimated wordage remaining: 15,000 (three main villains left to kill, one meth lab to destroy, sweet vindication, and the epilogue.  Yes, I know I've said 15,000 for the last three days)


  1. You look pretty good with that beard in your profile picture! I imagine it must be uncomfortable though! :)

    Good job on the writing!!

  2. Thanks! I may have to keep it longer than I was planning. Beard response has been positive so far.

  3. I don't know much about having a beard (surprising I know) but do you get used to them over time??

  4. That is... hilarious! I've had dog issues recently, but not a missle. My parent's dog bit my laptop cord yesterday and ruined it, so I have to buy a new one. I only wish it has shocked her.

    The beard is really coming along!

  5. OK Dan,I believe you are dangerous.

    Awesome word count.Impressed you think you'll finish up in another 15k. I can't tell a story in under 90K, but then I can't shut up.

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks! Good luck to you too. 70k has become my normal length over the past few years.