Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9 - I like this bit of dialogue I just wrote.

"Do you think Hepatitis Barbie is going to come over here or should we order at the bar?"

"She'll come over. Those guys at the bar seem to be too into the game to be drinking heavily yet."

Garvin and Katie watched as the blonde flirted with her customers, leaning down a lot more often than was necessary. Out of politeness, Garvin made an effort not to look but it was difficult.

"She's giving our profession a bad name with that outfit. It's hard enough for customers to get the idea that I'm not on the menu without her putting her boobs on display like that."

"Maybe she is on the menu," Garvin said.

"Here she comes," Katie said.

"Can I get you two anything," the blond bartender asked.

"A pitcher will be fine. Whatever you have on draught."

"Coming right up," the blond said, her fingertips brushing Garvin's arm as she walked away.

"You might be tonight's Ken if you play your cards right, Garvin."

"I'll pass. Her dreamhouse has probably seen better days."

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