Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12 - Novel? What Novel?

So... How about that local sports team?  I haven't written much in the past few days.  Britt's working six nights in a row starting Thursday so I'll be attacking the work in progress with a vengeance.  I've ironed out some wrinkles and I'm just about ready to saddle up once again.

My "novel" will now be comprised of five (or seven) linked novellas.

In other news, I've read a couple ARCs and am only two books from reaching my goal of 130.  I'm currently reading Mystic River by Dennis Lehane and the 130th book will be What It Was by George Pelecanos, which is also the final book of George Pelecanos I need to read before I can add "Read the complete works of George Pelecanos in 2013" to my geek resume.

In other news, I interviewed Lawrence Block on my book blog today.  I'd say this is the crowning achievement as a book reviewer so far.


  1. 130 books in a year - you impress me! I'm lucky if I can read 45. :)

    I really need to up the ante in the new year though, to contend with all the Netgalley books I keep picking up. :P

  2. Every year I say I'm going to read less and write more but it never works out like that.

    Netgalley has become somewhat of a problem for me. With free books in addition to stuff I actually pay for, my to-read pile keep growing instead of shrinking.

    1. Yyyyep! I'm on Netgalley too, and I don't even request books, just get the free ones. And I already have way more waiting to read than I've actually read.