Monday, January 31, 2011

Now this is a second rate Snowpocalypse so far..

The fine mist in the air is all the precipitation we've gotten so far.  As far as Snowpocalypses go, this one is still pretty low on the list.  The local news is calling it Snowmageddon.  I think Snowpocalsype sounds better but that's just me.

My mom called me right as I was getting ready for bed last night.  My grandma had a stroke while she and my grandpa were out playing cards.  My brain raced around for a couple hours, thinking the worst.  It was right around this time last year, around the time I started this blog, in fact, that my other grandma took a turn for the worst.  We lost her a couple days after Valentine's day.  Thankfully, my mom called again, right as I was actually falling asleep, in fact, and said Grandma was doing well.  She was talking and moving around.  They've got her at Barnes for tests.  Carrie talked to my brother today when he was delivering something to the college (he's a FedEx driver), and he said he was thinking about visiting her but was afraid of not being able to get home.  I told Carrie Grandma would probably try to feed him, then send him right home so he wouldn't get stuck.  That's how she is.

Ever notice how people can't leave you alone when you're trying to work from home?

I'll leave you with these parting words: Last night I had a dream I found a geode the size of a beach ball.  It was glorious.

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