Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Again?

Here we are.   Another sluggish Monday morning in the office.

Hunting season ends Saturday so I'll be back to my regular weekend woodland hikes on Sunday.  If we get snow, and we might get 3-6 inches tonight, I hope the snow hangs around until then.

Things I want to get pictures of this year:
  • a LIVE armadillo
  • fox
  • coyote
  • large birds that aren't perched on a bird feeder
  • a centipede (not a millipede)
  • a scorpion


  1. as for my part - i would like to SEE a picture of an armadillo

  2. I'll try to make both of our goals possible. I've got a good lead on an armadillo burrow close to my parents' house.