Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A dream I had last night

Last night I had a dream that someone kept breaking into my house and leaving me notes saying when they'd be back to kill me.  Frustrated with the lack of help from the police, I went to my Grandpa for help.  In my dream, Grandpa had been a superhero in the 50's.  He gave me this weird grappling hook gun that I broke trying to use.  Anyway, I went back home and fought off this really androgynous burglar with a windshield squeegee.  From there, characters from Futurama showed up and it quickly degenerated into chaos.


  1. that dream sounds awesome. Was Bender there? Because i'm sure he wouldn't help the situation

  2. Bender and Amy were there with the Planet Express ship, which reminds me I haven't worn my black Futurama shirt in a long time.