Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twisted Tuesday

So over the weekend, I started my car and both the traction control light and the power steering indicator came on.  Every time the car shifted gears, it felt like I was driving over a speed bump.  I took it in yesterday and they didn't find anything and pronounced it a one time glitch. It happened again this morning but I drove to the commuter lot by my house and shut it off and waited a few minutes.  There are some peaches at the commuter lot at 5 am, if anyone was wondering.  I started it up again and it was back to normal so I went to work.

Also over the weekend: I kept thinking about that Seinfeld episode where he ends up having to drive a van.  Pay attention because one of life's coincidences is coming up.

It was weird being back in the office after a week and a half off.  Before I left work, I would have said the weirdest moment was when I found a solution to a programming problem on a blog that was written in Japanese.

Fast forward to the return trip to the car dealership.  They said they'd keep the car overnight and try to reproduce the glitch.  The kid from Enterprise brought up the last vehicle they had.  Wait for it.  A big white Dodge Caravan.  America's best selling minivan if the commercials are to be believed.  So now I'm driving a molester-mobile until my car is fixed.

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