Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday: The Story so Far

Here's what I hoped to accomplish today:
  • Get plates renewed - Done.  Quick and painless.
  • Buy stamps: Also quick and painless.
  • Unload some used books: Postponed until tomorrow (or a later date).
  • Get groceries: Done.
  • Finish reading the first Dying Earth book: Done before 8.
  • Meet Carrie and go to the Olympic Steakhouse: Still scheduled for later.
  • Get a haircut (if I don't get one this evening)- Scheduled for 2:30
I'd say I'm right on track.  I think I'll pay bills now that I have stamps and scare up some lunch.


  1. SWEET! I love days like this.

  2. Me too. I like to think it makes up for slacking off a lot of the time.