Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post Vacation

Well, I'm back. And tired. And there's a frozen pizza in the oven at 7am because I didn't leave much in the way of food when we took off.

The first day went pretty smoothly, aside from driving through a deluge of biblical proportions through Tennessee. We dined at Hillbilly Willie's, a BBQ joint that proved to be spectacular. The second day was a different story.

After braving the streets of Atlanta, Carrie started feeling queasy. I thought she was just nervous or carsick. How wrong I was! Turns out Carrie had some kind of stomach virus, a fact that became all too apparent the instant we entered our room at the Savannah Planter's Inn and she bolted for the bathroom. Carrie was down after that. I walked the streets of Savannah until I was able to procure Theraflu and Sprite. Way too many places in Savannah close at 6pm, btw.

Carrie slept through most of the third day, letting the Theraflu do its job. I hoofed it around Savannah, snapping pictures and eating at various places, returning periodically to check on Carrie and bring her soup and replenish her Sprite supply. By the evening, she felt good enough to sit out on the square.

On the fourth day, Carrie felt well enough to travel again so we took the trip down to Tybee Island. We had fun playing on the beach and taking pictures but the place was filthy! The restrooms were in a state of extreme disrepair and there was seagull shit everywhere. I did manage to get a picture of a jellyfish, which a local gentleman told me was a sea cabbage.

Day four was primarily about leaving Savannah, though we did visit Bonaventure Cemetery before we left town. We also hit Hilton Head on the way up to Charleston. Hilton Head was the most touristy place we visited on the trip. It was so commercialized. I never understand why people would drive a thousand miles just to eat at an Applebee's in another city.

Charleston was great. Carrie was feeling better and it was much less touristy than Hilton Head or even Savannah. We took a carriage ride on the morning of our first full day there, then ate at a pirate themed restaurant called Buccaneer and hoofed it up to the Aquarium. I think all the walking we did on vacation offset everything we ate.

From Charleston we left for North Carolina, specifically Asheville and the Biltmore Mansion. The Biltmore was amazing. Too bad they don't let you take pictures inside. My every instinct was to start snapping pictures until they tried to haul me out of there.

Yesterday we started for home. It was about twelve and a half hours but we made it. The GPS started having us do weird things once we got off 24 and got on 146. We did discover a chocolate factory in a small town that we mean to visit on a day trip in the future though.

It's good to be back home but I have a lot of laundry to catch up on. Vacation is already seeming like a dream. Time to eat some pizza, I guess.

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