Friday, May 21, 2010


I opened my beer fridge for the first time in a month and a half last night. It had so much frost in the freezer section there was a glacier pushing against the door. I unplugged it a few minutes ago so it'll defrost tonight. That's one of the tasks on my list while I let my steak marinate for an hour and a half. It will likely be the longest hour and a half of my life.

I can no longer read news stories on the internet where people can leave comments. It seems like a lot of people read Yahoo news because they don't have enough chances to be assholes in their everyday existence. Within three posts, someone insults someone else, be it about politics, science, or religion. The religious crowd likes to throw God into all the science articles. Any article with a mention of religion brings out the science police. And everyone else just waits for a chance to bring up politics. People are pricks, I guess my point is.

Not much else going on besides my eternal war against my own starvation. Tonight I'm making beef broccoli and roasting asparagus in the oven. Tomorrow is spam sandwiches and eggs. If anyone wants to come over for dinner, the price of admission is 1-6 alcoholic beverages.

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