Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Ice Age is Over!

A little while ago, I checked on my slowly thawing beer fridge. The ice in the freezer portion hadn't melted but it had detached from the wall of the freezer. So now there are two blocks of ice in my basement shower. Once about ten pounds, the other about twenty. It's going to take a couple days for them to melt, I bet.

Took Belle over to my parents's this morning for her exercise. They're on yet another fishing trip so we were only over there for an hour and a half. Belle got a good workout as we walked the farm roads. So did I but I also got something I didn't bargain for: ticks!

I picked two of the arachnoid vermin off of my ankle and found a huge one in the middle of my back. Luckily I learned flexibility during my travels in the orient and was able to get it off. After that, I took the second shower of the day. There could still be a third shower. It's almost 90 out.

Party tonight celebrating one of Carrie's co-workers getting her PhD. I'm not all that excited but there's free appetizers and an open bar so I think I can make it work.

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