Thursday, May 13, 2010

Canned Fish Craziness

Before I left for vacation almost two weeks ago, Joe asked if I'd ever had sardines. I said I hadn't. Joe said we'd try out some canned fish products when I returned. I promptly forgot about it, although it wasn't that unusual. Joe and I tried devilled ham together months ago after having a conversation speculating about what it actually was. Weeks after that, I brought him a can of Spam as a gift after he said he hadn't had it before.

Yesterday, Joe came in with four cans. One was sardines, the second kippers, the third anchovies, and the fourth smoked oysters. I was intrigued but also slightly horrified. Yesterday, we sampled the sardines. They looked like minnows, smelled like minnows, and just taste horribly fishy. Not appealing. Today, we had kippers. Once I got past the look and the fishy smell, they weren't bad. The fishy taste was masked by a smokey taste. I'd probably eat kippers again. I'll just say right now I'm not looking forward to the smoked oysters.

A guy I work with had a massive stroke while I was on vacation, so much so that it's doubtful he'll ever be able to return to work. They didn't expect him to survive last weekend. He seemed to be getting better but they detected more bleeding in his brain today. He's not even that old, only 52, but he hadn't been to the doctor in over a decade. The doctors said that once he's able to be transported, they're taking him to South Carolina to be with his family while he recovers. It's just a sad situation.

Carrie's due over any minute. I've got a pork roast going in the crock pot right now with salsa. We'll be having pulled pork burritos shortly.

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