Friday, May 14, 2010

Canned Fish Craziness Concluded

Joe and I decided we'd had enough of the canned fish and decided to finish things today with anchovies and smoked oysters, a canned fish double header.

First, we tried the anchovies. They didn't look too gross, just like fish fillets. They didn't have a fishy smell. The taste: salty. I can't convey the degree of the saltiness. My uncle once tricked me into tasting the salt block my grandpa put out for deer and the anchovies were saltier than that. They were also saltier than the ocean water I tasted at Tybee Island last week.

Once I recovered from the anchovies, we tried the smoked oysters. I think I would have been okay with it if I hadn't bit the cracker in half and looked at what I was eating. They tasted more like creek water with a hint of smoke than fish. It was the greenish substance inside that I suspect was oyster shit that turned me off of them.

At least the crazy experiment is over.

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