Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6 - Slowing down

Last night was not a banner night for me.  I got home two hours later than usual and the whole routine was shot, not just for me but for the dogs as well.  I wrote a whopping 300 words before giving up and going to bed.  I did iron out some of the bumps in the first chapter, though, so at least something got accomplished.

However, I'm up 1100 words already today and plan on doing some serious writing thoughout the rest of the day and evening.  I have a rough outline I keep refining as I go.  I still have my doubts about how long Steelgrave is going to go but we'll see.

The concept has morphed quite a bit since I first conceived it.  It started out like Justified with magic but now it feels more like a redneck version of Doctor Who.  One thing I'm struggling with is which characters I want to kill off and which I want to stick around for future stories.

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