Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend events I neglected to mention

Things happened over the weekend that I meant to touch upon but wasn't up to writing about since I was in a hangover haze yesterday.
  1. My mom gave me back my manuscript with a ton of minor edits to make.  The first thing she said was "There's a lot of killing near the end."  I laughed a bit.
  2. Drank too much Saturday night while hanging out with a friend, leading to the aforementioned hangover haze.
  3. Wrote part of chapter 2 of Corpse Cruise.  I had planned to write more but the hangover haze but the bite on that.
  4. Watched season 2 of Justified in its entirety.  I think I watched nine or ten episodes yesterday.  Hangover haze.
  5. Skipped the Superbowl in favor of watching Tales from the Darkside: The Movie.  Hangover haze yet again.
In conclusion, I'm way behind where I want to be in Corpse Cruise at this time.  I think this week's writing is going to be the latest round of edits on Bullets Don't Blink.  I'll work on Corpse Cruise if I have time leftover since I told my connection I'd have BDB in the mail by the 10th.  I'm also disappointed in myself for not being more productive over the weekend.

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