Monday, February 27, 2012

Motivation Deficit

Since being told it would be in my best interests to expand Bullets Don't Blink by 15-25k, I've been suffering from motivation issues.  Having contracted Captain Tripps a couple weeks ago didn't help much either.  I've got some ideas to beef up the bad guys a bit and throw in a sinister road trip to a pig farm but I'm really worried about screwing up the pace.  I'm hoping to suck it up and start revising sometime this week.

Other news:
  1. I tried to rekindle the old spark I had with Anne Rice by reading The Wolf Gift.  Not only was the spark not rekindled, somehow it reverberated backward through the time stream and made me like her old books less.
  2. Since getting a phone that is capable of texting efficiently, I am now as hooked on texting as most 13 year old girls.
  3. I've got a blog interview cooking with Benjamin Whitmer, author of Pike.  I noticed he linked to my review on his website and decided to hit him up with some questions.  He was one of the authors on the same panel as Eoin Colfer at Bouchercon.

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