Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Geek alert - Interesting Search Terms

As I've mentioned before, I'm a compulsive stats checker on my blog.  I'm particularly interested in what search terms people use to get here.  Here are some interesting ones from my two blogs this week:
  • gunslinger and jake little severian - I'm assuming I wasn't the only one that saw parallels between Roland and Jake's relationship in The Dark Tower and Severian's relationship with Little Severian in The Book of the New Sun.
  • refrigerator smells like curry - self explanatory
  • doom patrol gay kiss - I believe this is referring to the kiss between Monsieur Mallah and the Brain in Doom Patrol Volume 2.  As I asked then, is it gay if a gorilla with a male human brain passionately kisses a robot with a man's brain inside?
  • april hairy pics - Something tells me they were looking for porn, not at the bumble bee picture they got.
  • big hairy pics - see above. 
In a related topic, my book blog has been getting some serious hits due to my author interviews lately. 


  1. I love doom patrol gay kiss! Makes you wonder what the person was "really" looking for

  2. It's still not as impressive as your gay triceratron hit.

  3. I still wish I had what that google user was searching for

  4. It would be awesome if their email addresses were captured so we could send them messages. "Just what the hell were you looking for, wookie69@aol.com?"