Monday, June 27, 2011

The first comic I owned*

Way back in my pre-kindergarten days, my superhero loyalty was to Batman and Robin, more Robin than Batman, actually.  Who wouldn't want to hang around with a superhero like Batman?

Anyway, image my surprise when my mom brings me a comic home from the drug store and Robin's in it but teaming with Superman.  Was such infidelity permitted?  Were superheroes allowed to woo away one another's sidekicks?  I was intrigued.

Fortunately, the Dynamic Duo's domestic union proved to be as strong as ever and the fling with Superman was quickly swept under the rug.

I read DC Comics Presents #31 to tatters and eventually let it be thrown away.  Sometime in my twenties, I tracked down a near mint copy of this gem.  The story didn't wow me like it did when I was four or five but it still had its moments.  I was much more interested in the Whatever Happened to Robotman back up feature the last time around.

* I'm fairly sure I owned a couple issues of Spider-man before this but have no idea which title or issues they were, although I'm fairly sure The Wizard and The Trapster appeared in one of them.

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