Thursday, June 30, 2011

400th Blog Post - My Camp NaNoWriMo teaser

Sweating Bullets

Brett Cooper thought he had it made.  He ran a successful restaurant chain and was a world famous chili cookoff judge.  His girlfriend was a knockout.  Then one day he started sweating bullets from his pores and the world changed.  Now everyone is after him: the Sisters of the Most Holy Chainsaw, a group of militant fungus enthusiasts bent on summoning an alien monster to purify the world and bring about the age of fungus, and the ancient order that has been caretakers of the only weapon that can stop it since the world began.  It just hasn't been Cooper's week...

Intrigued?  Me too.  Now I just have to write the thing.


  1. Hehehehe. Love your plot idea.........

  2. Thanks. I'm at 2k for the day and taking a break for lunch.