Thursday, February 17, 2011

The junk atop my bookcase... and more junk I'd like to have there

From left to right, top shelf:
  1. A replica of the 1960's Batmobile
  2. A spent shell casing from some WWII artillery
  3. My Pedro of Los Straitjackets mask
  4. My WWII era gas mask, courtesy of a trade to Don Kincaid for a metal detector and a book about samurai philosophy
  5. A samurai statue from Garden Ridge
  6. A small white box containing a trilobite fossil from last year's rock swap
  7. A post card from the Superman museum
  8. two microbrew bottles that look like medicine bottles from the 1800's
  9. A mug depicting a man picking his nose
  10. My memento box
Second shelf:
  1. Futurama postcard
  2. Stegosaurus and T-Rex Carrie gave me for Valentine's Day in 2009
  3. Triceratops and Brontosaurus, same source
Crap I'd like to display on my bookcase:
  1. Rusty old lantern or carbide lamp
  2. Clunky, steampunkish welding goggles
  3. Large fossil or geode
  4. The other four Los Straitjackets masks


  1. Nice list ;) And fascinating!

    I don't want to make a list of all the crap on top of ALL my bookcases. Needless to say I live in a very small unit with NO storage space built in. Boo!

  2. There is a lot more stuff on top of my book cases. This is just the most interesting cluster. There's a Frankenstein Monster, an Elvis Lunchbox, and a few other things that didn't make the cut.