Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Insight that should have been obvious

Here is a rant on the fantasy genre that I wrote around this time last year:  Fantasy Rant

Here is the teaser for my NaNoWriMo novel that I've not written a word for in over a month: teaser

How much does the rant sound a bit like the main plot of Wandering the Web of Worlds, particularly the new infusion of DNA into the fantasy family tree?  The High Oligarch uses some of the same words to Valaric.

The other insight I had was "Why am I writing a tribute to Jack Vance when I find everything except The Dying Earth series painful to read?"  While I'm hellbent on reusing some of the characters and concepts, I think Wandering the Web of Worlds might end up being the biggest fragment on the unfinished pile.  Just like when I discovered I was re-writing The World of Tiers with The Warp Weaver's Legacy, I feel like I'm throwing together a bunch of Jack Vance elements for Wandering the Web of Worlds.  Some thinking is in order.

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