Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It's seeming more and more that I need the pressure of a deadline to get a good amount of writing done.  Maybe I'll enlist someone to set deadlines for me and enforce them.

The two ideas most alive in my head these days are the heist story I've been thinking off (tentatively called The Kick-Off) and a new one that features people from various points in Earth's history transported inside a Dyson sphere by persons unknown (The Oubliette or The Sargasso).  The heist story seems a lot clearer so I should probably do that one first.

If I continue on the pace I'm on, I'll probably be finished with all of the unread books in my house by the time May rolls around.  I consider this a momentous occasion since it'll be the first time in seven years such an event has happened.


  1. :D Most of us spend our lives trying to get from under the thumb of a boss. . . and you want one to kick your butt in writing and make you DO it. Too cute!

  2. I think I either need a boss or someone to issue a challenge. Otherwise I can't explain how I wrote over 80k during NaNoWriMo and only 5k since.

  3. i know there's some sort of website where you can set goals for yourself. And if you fail in the goal, then you either have to donate money to a charity you support OR (and this is the kicker) a charity you can't stand (like the opposite polictical party if you're really into politics or whatever)