Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, I finished the book I was reading and looked over the unread pile for another.  I looked at the shelf and noticed a discrepancy.  While I saw four unread Hard Cases, Goodreads said I owned five.  Long story short, I cannot find Baby Moll anywhere.  I tore my house apart and came to the conclusion that I accidentally threw it away when I cleaned my desk a couple weeks ago.  This throws a wrench into the works since I'd planned to have all of the Hard Cases finished by 12/31.  AND they're now out of print.  The good news is Titan starts reprinting them on 1/11/11 so I have until then to find one.  It's only a 6.99 paperback but it still burns my ass that I accidentally threw it away.

In other frickin' new, Carrie and I are going to a play later and it's snowing its ass off.  Since I already found out Friday that the Rep won't refund tickets, we might have to brave a blizzard to get there.  I just hope we don't have to hack open our tawn-tawns and hide in their innards on the way home.

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