Thursday, June 10, 2010


A couple days ago, I came home to find the pipe connecting my dryer to the dryer vent askew. I thought it was the result of vibrations from six years of drying. The next day, Belle was in the basement when I got home. Things were a little off; a soda can that had been on the window sill for years was on the floor; there was a discoloration on the floor that looked like a dried urine stain; things like that. Last night, I was reading in bed when I heard a crunching noise coming from Belle's dog food bowl. Since she was snoring away at my feet, I knew it wasn't her. I crept down the hallway to find...

...a squirrel! It was eating Belle's dog food and oblivious to my presence. I took a look at it. It was a young squirrel, barely larger than a chipmunk. I shouted and Belle came to my aid. She chased the squirrel downstairs. It stumbled about halfway and rolled down the stairs. Once it got to the basement, it ran under the accursed couch with the hide-a-bed and took refuge. I heard it chewing on something in its lair. After a few futile attempts to get it out, I gave up. I closed the door to the basement and brooded for sixteen hours or so.

My first impulse was lethal force. After some soul searching, I decided I'd rather not send a young squirrel down oblivion's maw. Live traps were the answer. I bought a couple at Bucheits on the way home. I'm hoping they'll do the job and I won't have to buy a couple rat traps.

In other news, my parents have an armadillo tearing up their yard...

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