Sunday, June 20, 2010

Busy Sunday

I thought I was celebrating Father's Day yesterday. Belle informed me differently this morning. She was pestering the hell out of me so I took her over to the parents' for the second day in a row. She's tired now and will hopefully not be too big of a pain in the ass tomorrow when I take her to get her rabies shot.

This morning, I went outside at the crack of 7:30 and mowed my lawn. It really needed it. It's been at least two weeks since last mow. I was amazed at the amount of fungus and toads in my yard.

I combed through Sailors on the Sea of Dead Gods a few minutes ago and submitted it to CreateSpace for my free copy. While it feels great to have a copy of something I've written in my hands, it's also a reminder to how unproductive I've been so far in 2010. At least my reading rate is up...

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