Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dreaming of the Dark Tower

For the fifth time this year, I dreamed of the Dark Tower last night. This time, my brother and I, armed with a stout club and a couple six-shooters we weren't too sure about firing, encountered Stephen King in the middle of a desert, who tried to get us to turn back and forget about the Tower. My brother gunned him down and we continued on our way.

I think The Dark Tower books have held my interest for so long is because it took me forever to read them all. The last three weren't out until I was already a Tower junkie. I mus have read the first four five or six time apiece. I was a wee lad of 21 when I first read The Gunslinger. Now I'm a wee lad just over a month from his 33rd birthday.

These days, I hate re-reading but I might have to give The Dark Tower another go, especially the last three books. I tried a re-reading a few years ago and quit after the fourth book.

I'd better get back to my coffee. I don't want another headache like last night. As they say in Mid-World, Long Days and Pleasant Nights.

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