Saturday, November 10, 2012

Untitled Saturday Post

Just a few updates.

  1. It's deer season so I won't be taking my dog to run free at my parents' this weekend.  She doesn't know it yet and will likely be pissed when she finds out.
  2. I've recently completely caught up on the modern era of Doctor Who.  Now I'm backtracking and watching the Tom Baker years.
  3. I do not regret not participating in NaNoWriMo this year one wit.  Spending time with my girlfriend is a lot better than being a crabby hermit for a month.  I'll save that for when she's in too deep.
  4. Speaking of my lovely girlfriend, using a combination of discounts, she got a $16 toothbrush holder for fourteen cents yesterday.  I was quite proud.
  5. For various reasons, I haven't eaten meat in almost five days.  More people commented on a Facebook post expressing such than on posts I deemed much more important.  Country fried steak tonight, though.

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