Monday, November 5, 2012

NoNoWriMo - Day 5

Not Novel Writing Month?  Get it?

So far, this is the most relaxed November I'd had since those days in 2007, the days before I knew what it was like to be a crabby hermit for an entire month.


... It figures that just hours after I decided not to chain my neck to the NaNoWriMo anchor that inspiration started pouring in, both for a steampunk-ish mystery and for a straight up mystery starring the same detective I used back in June.

So, writing goals for this month are:
  1. Editing Between Hell and a Hard Place
  2. Doing some worldbuilding for The Doorman, my steampunkish mystery
  3. Ironing out some plot holes for Darkest Before the Dawn, my second Jack Whitlock story


  1. Sounds like you have a whole heap to keep you busy here, and all fun stuff! :)

  2. Not a bad idea. Rather than work on something new, poor some hard work into your established stuff!