Thursday, May 10, 2012

21 Days until Camp!

Camp NaNoWriMo, the first 2012 interation anyway, kicks off June 1st.  Right now, the tentative plan is to start a completely new story on June 1st and bust it out as fast as I can.  I'm gunning for sellable 100k length this time so it's going to be intense.

The tentative plan is to write the first person noir thriller I've been kicking around for the past few months.  I have several reasons for doing this:
  1. Get your eyerolls ready. I feel like I need to step out of my comfort zone to grow as a writer.  I've never written more than a chapter of anything in first person.  This will be a challenge for me.  Like writing 50k in a month isn't a challenge...
  2. While I like what I've written of The Kickoff so far, it doesn't feel like the story I should be telling right now.  Also, I think I should sell Bullet's Don't Blink, or at least get closer to doing so, before I spend a month of my life pounding away at the sequel.
  3. Since I just read The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler, I really want to write a first person noir just so I can pepper it with snappy dialogue and inventive similes.
The story is tentatively titled Between Hell and a Hard Place.  I'm envisioning it as The Big Sleep for the internet age.  I'm going to use technology to move the plot along quite a bit and Whitlock will be fairly tech-savy.  He's not going to be a male version of Lizbeth Salander, though.  I'm saving that character for something else...

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