Friday, February 5, 2010

Here we are again...

I think I made it a whole month until the blog cravings got to be too much.

So a few weeks ago, I went over to my parents' to find my dad playing Legend of Zelda for the GBA and the following conversation ensued:
Dad said "I figured out how to do the second quest easier."
I said "How?"
He said "I beat 1, then go into 2 and get the whistle and leave. I take the whistle and go to 6 and get the ladder. Then I go to 8 and get everything, the key and the wand. After that, you're bad news."
"Isn't six pretty hard with only five or six hearts?" I asked.
"Not if you're really good," he said.

Thinking that maybe my dad needs bigger challenges in his retirement years than The Legend of Zelda, I ordered the sequel, the Adventure of Link, from Amazon. Imagine my dismay when I open the package to find that someone took the game out of the box before shipping. I sent a nasty gram to Amazon and they are sending me a replacement that shipped yesterday. I think I might play it a little before I hand it over to the old man.

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