Tuesday, June 30, 2015


One more day.  Quite a bit less than that, in fact.

It occurs to me that in NaNos past, I've made all chapters the same length and wrote a chapter a day, which makes writing 70-80k fairly manageable as long as I find time to write every day.

I think this time, since I'm writing something shorter, I'm going to have the chapters be between 500 and 1500 words and switch view point characters each chapter, between Simon Cable and his sister.  Since I'm going for the pace of a Doctor Who two-partner, I think frequent viewpoint shifts and reversals of fortune will fit the feel I'm going for.

I kind of dropped the ball as far as the emergency list goes but I guess I'll make it up on the fly.  I did change the main character's name to Simon Cable from Simon Black and refined the setting quite a bit so I think I'm still in a good place.  Tomorrow, we'll find out, I guess.

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