Monday, March 17, 2014

Another Camp?

Just noticed Camp NaNoWriMo is coming around again.  I've been throwing some ideas around the last week or so but I don't know if I'll have the concepts ready by April 1st.  So, not sure I'm throwing my hat into the ring.  Although I really want to write the first chapter.  How many books have you read where two people and a dog are flying a beat-up old car near Neptune on the first page?

I don't remember if I specifically articulated it on the blog but I've been reading a lot of self published freebies on the Kindle lately, testing the waters, as it were.  I'm confident that I can hang with a lot what people are putting out.  I've also had some interesting conversations with some self-published authors via email, like Edward Lorn and Jason Brant, and self-publishing some of my stuff doesn't seem as unlikely as it did a few months ago.

The way I look at it, my army of followers on Goodreads are going to be a huge asset whether I go traditional or selfpub.  Since fledglings are usually thrown out of the nest with little promotion behind them anyway, why should I take a smaller piece of the pie when I don't have to?  Something to think about.

My reading funk continues, although I've read a few gems like The Ruins, A Simple Plan, and Galveston in the last few weeks.  I keep thinking that I've reached my reading limit and should vomit forth some words soon to free things up.  Or at least make with some editing.

I didn't sell anything at my art show a couple weeks ago but I did sell one of the photos I had on display the following week.  I didn't make what I wanted on it but I did manage to pay for all six photos with it.  Now if I could sell another one and pay for the frames, I'd be in the gravy zone.

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