Thursday, October 31, 2013

Four hours of freedom

Midnight will be here in four hours and some change.  This isn't the least prepared I've ever been for a National Novel Writing Month but it's close.  I plan on throwing some things in early on in case I get stuck later.  Like some mysterious spider creature in the woods everyone calls The Red Widow and cannibal mole people living beneath the hills.

Still, I feel fairly confident.  I know my main character pretty well and I can't wait to write some stuff featuring his childhood best friend, trailer park resident and hunting enthusiast Doyle Reed.  The bad guys still need some work but I probably don't need them until Sunday or Monday so I still have some time.

In other news, Fall has reached the maximum color level so there will be some picture taking this weekend.  In other other news, I'll have to change my reading goals again since I have another Lawrence Block ARC coming my way sometime soon.  It occurs to me that I should figure out how to get paid for reviews instead of just giving it away like a common strumpet.

Shit, I still need to come up with the name of my main town.  I'd better go...

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