Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cicada Invasion!

Last night, I was reading in bed and my eyelids seemed to be made of concrete so I decided to take Belle out one last time and hang it up for the night.  She peed and we came back in, only we weren't alone...

A cicada flew in behind us, attracted by the kitchen light.  It chirped obnoxiously and flew circles around the chandelier.  Felix lept up from the floor and staked out the kitchen table, swiping at the cicada when it came into range.  Meanwhile, Belle's also got her eye on the hissing vermin and trotting around the kitchen table, not taking her eyes off it.

Felix managed to bring the cicada down but didn't do anything with it after that, to my dismay.  It wobbled back into the air and continued chirping and crashing into the light.  I grabbed a broom and hit the cicada out of the hair like it was a tennis ball and I was one of today's current tennis players, not Pete Sampras like I originally planned on writing.

It bounced off the wall and landed on the floor, right in the gab between the floor and where the trip used to be.  I swept it out of the crack  and it chirped on the floor.  After Belle had her sniff, I swept it outside, preventing my house from being infested by insectoid vermin while I slept.

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