Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Damn Monday

My lovely ladyfriend was out of town for the weekend so I had a lot of time by myself.  Here's what I "accomplished.":

  1. Read the last 300 pages of Pillars of the Earth.  My favorable review is getting a lot of votes on Goodreads but so is my friend Amanda's hate-filled review of it that I linked to.
  2. Fixed my girlfriend's problematic door and fed her cats
  3. Edged into the number 6 of all time spot on Goodreads by four votes.  I have a feeling the Huntress and I are going to be trading that spot a few times before all the shouting is over.
  4. Found Looking for Rachel Wallace at a used bookstore when I had to kill some time.  My dremmel was deader than shit when I needed it to fix the door so I needed something to read.
  5. Read the first 120 pages of Looking for Rachel Wallace while I was waiting for my dremmel to charge.
  6. Watched almost an entire season of Justified.  I have only the final episode of Justified season 3 left.
  7. Threw a roast in the crock pot before Sunday's events started so Britt and I would have something to eat for dinner.
  8. Visited my nephew and those two people he lives with.  Jack's a shade over 11 months and cuter than a box of kittens.  He can walk about ten feet by himself and enjoys having his six teeth brushed.  He'll probably be able to walk unassisted by the time his birthday rolls around next month.
I did a lot of relaxing but I was really glad when Brittany got home last night.  So were her cats.  I stayed at her house a little too late watching Dexter but it was worth it.  I'll take out my lack of sleep on my co-workers.  FYI, the roast turned out very well.

Today marks the sixth working day in a row that I've worked out before work.  My belly button doesn't seem so cavernous and the workouts have already become noticeably easier.  I probably should have weighed myself at the start as a way of tracking progress.

Interesting search terms that have brought people to my blog recently:
  • I  could pee on that
  • Squirrel with a beard
  • All females have an inner bimbo
  • beard progress pictures
  • trucker fags in denial
  • orange soda

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  1. LOL, nice search terms. Sounds like a productive weekend!