Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Subterranean Expedition

I got my Subterranean Press Grab Bag yesterday.  I'm pretty happy with it despite already owning two of the books.  Here's what I got:
  1. Act of Love by Joe Lansdale
  2. In Waders from Mars by assorted Lansdale family members
  3. 69 Barrow Street by Lawrence Block
  4. Judge Sn Goes Golfing by John Scalzi
  5. Blue and Gold by K.J. Parker
  6. Gods of Opar by Philip Jose Farmer
  7. The Providence Rider by Robert McCammon
  8. The Inheritance by Robin Hobb
  9. Winter's Dreams by Glen Cook
  10. The Dragon Griaule by Lucius Shepard
  11. Indignities of the Flesh by Bentley Little
  12. Stephen King Goes to the Movies by Stephen King
  13. The Door Gunner by Michael Bishop
I'm particularly excited by Judge Sn and In Waders from Mars.

In other books news, I'm on an Angry Robot kick.  The Corpse-Rat King was excellent and Seven Wonders is shaping up to be nearly as good.

Leading up to NaNoWriMo, the current reading plan is to read all of the light-hearted books I have in rapid succession to stay in the right mood.  Once NaNo kicks off, I'll probably be reading short story collections in my off time.

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