Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worded Wednesday

Just some quick updates:
  1. The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice is now my most voted review on Goodreads.  I hate that most most voted review is for a book I disliked.
  2. My review of The Bookman over on my book blog was linked to by both the author and the publisher, Angry Robot.  However, Angry Robot referred to my book blog as Desperate Dan's Book Blog.
  3. A bit more forward progress has been made on getting Bullet's Don't Blink published.
  4. By changing my lifestyle very little, I've lost fifteen pounds since January and am just two pounds heavier than I was when I started my current job ten years ago.  And they said I was mad to hold on to my old 30 inch waist jeans!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. Any tips on what you did to drop those pounds? Looking to do so myself.

    Also, I vote you change your book blog to "Desperate Dan's Book Blog".

  2. The only things I changed were working out at least twice a week (instead of 0-2), drinking less beer, and eating slightly better. It wasn't a huge lifestyle change.